Blog updates

During the last few days I did some updates on the blog.

  • an event calendar with the ability to sync the events to your “iCal” compatible application
  • an amazon box with my suggestions. the box content will change regularly, so check back often :-) the links contain an amazon partner-ID, so every order over these links supports this site. many thanks for your support.
  • you are now able to edit your comments. the time frame you are allowed to edit is set to 15 mins after the first post. just in case you have misspelled something or want to add something to your post.
  • subscriptions are now redirected to Feedburner with the ability to subscribe to your email address, rss readers or embed a rss widget to your page :-)

I hope you’ll find these “enhancements” useful and if you discover some probs or bugs, please let me know.


Vernon Trent